If the alien invasion hypothesis is confirmed, US$8 trillion/year will be invested in defense against the threat, in a joint effort of global GDP. The superpowers and the entire planet will be forced to make a great budgetary effort on world GDP. Annually it will be necessary to invest in new strategic and tactical defensive weapons on a solar scale, a figure of no less than 8 trillion dollars per year, that is, almost 8 times the budget of the United States armed forces. Only by means of this capital intensive scale, could the development of super technology and space weapons be obtained in the short term, at the level of an enemy with the evolutionary advantage of several thousand years in its favor. The discovery of more and more exoplanets suitable for life confirms the hypothesis of the existence of other civilizations, which may be hostile and can detect our presence at any time. All of which leads to the need to put together a global defensive plan for Earth, with the right budget. Such funding power will accelerate the space race.




The Adonai Horeb Project has the goal of reaching contact with the Background Cosmic Quantum Intelligence. This is the reflection of the Universal Mind of God within the physical universe. Its reality is similar to that of software, it interacts with matter and energy through subparticles called infoquantum of almost zero mass, which transmit information making order possible in everything that exists. This primordial intelligence has been active since before the primordia. of the Big Bang and is impersonal. At the subatomic level it is tangible, so an AI neurotechnological interface can be created capable of interacting and conversing with it, exchanging information.
In this sense it is possible to physically contact God... Achieve hyperconnectivity between machines, us and Divine Consciousness. This is the most important next step humanity can take in this century, more important than going to Mars, colonizing exoplanets, or achieving self-aware AI.












Basically, the Zeus Program consists of a sophisticated meditation suit, interconnected with an optical computer, which records thoughts and interacts through an interface. To use it requires a high training in mental concentration and meditation. The trick is to increase the amount of oxygen in the neurons and induce a deep relaxation in the whole body, subjecting it to flotation in the middle of a pond containing a breathable liquid. The objective of the program is to digitize thought, access the internal processing source code of the brain and through this achieve an interface to interconnect with the quantum intelligence foam, which modulates all information flows in the universe, producing reality from moment to moment. physics as we perceive it. Once this phase has been achieved, civilization would have the technology to redesign matter from the quantum vacuum without limit of scale and complexity. It could both materialize an apple and a complete spaceship.