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                During 2014, 300 billionaires have $ 3.7 trillion, more than 3,500 million people who fail among all 2.2 billion.

                According to UNICEF those with less spread over only 2% of global GDP.

                According to Oxfam America and the EU they consumed 9.2 billion because of the crisis of toxic loans, financing banks. With these funds the world had not been hungry for 300 years.

                Today 1% of the population accounts for 80% of global wealth.

                By 2030 there will be 9,000 million people, will consume 50% more oil and energy, you will need to produce 30% more food and as much water, pollution will have risen to 440 ppm CO2 and temperature 1, we will cut as much as the size of France, it will have lost 50% of species, fisheries depleted and will need 2 planets to survive. The growth of cities will occupy an equivalent to France, Germany and Spain area average, while there will be more than 2 million people per week.

                The scientific consensus predicts a rise of ocean only 1 meter by 2100. It does not consider the release of vast gas hydrate deposits Arctic submarine methane, 30 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, and can raise the average temperature planet in 6th and 12th at the poles. Initiating a global thaw. If thawed Greenland waters will rise 7 meters, if it does Antarctica will be 80 meters ... While other coastal cities is invested in improving public spaces and squares, where everything will start to flood and lose property value by 2050 at the latest.


                Eco Government Planetarium: United Nations implemented through the system of Digital Direct Democracy a referendum for the creation of a Planetary coalition government, for whose approval will have the vote of 50% plus one vote of all citizens of the world enabled.

                Such centralized government will incumbencies on global issues such as climate change, environmental disasters, vital and strategic natural resources, disease, hunger, extreme poverty, wars, human trafficking, the defense of universal human rights , combating drug trafficking and corruption.

                It will have a budget equivalent to 2% of global GDP annually. The planetary president will mandate for four years and may be reelected for a second term. Parliament shall consist of all citizens of the globe through Direct Digital Democracy, advised by a Science Council, composed of scientists.

The planetary government as priority mission will end hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and limit stop global warming in the short term.



With 2% of global GDP, annually, it will be able to:

1. Abolish the extreme poverty in all the earth, forever.

2. No more no child dies of hunger and preventable diseases.

3. flourish forest, 20 billion trees will be planted.

4. stop polluting technology to be renewed.

5. The fleet will be replaced by other hydrogen.  

6. alternative energy be developed in replacement of oil and coal.

7. oceans decontaminated.

 8. Amazonia and Artic are saved.

9. overpopulation is limited.

10. There will be games for environmental disasters.

11. combat terrorism.

12. It will combat international drug trafficking.

13. Organized crime and corruption are desactiv


$ 500 billion U S / year to eradicate hunger, disease and alleviating extreme poverty.

100 billion U $ S / year to plant 20 billion trees and logs capture CO2 and regulate climate.

250 billion U $ S urgently to accelerate the development of fusion reactors and replace today's energy matrix based on oil and coal.

$ 100 billion U S / year to decontaminate the oceans and fish stocks recover.

$ 3 billion U S / year to develop technology for diverting asteroids that could impact Earth.

$ 1 Billion U S / year for the development of warp drive ship NASA

A trillion U $ S / year to finance Army Planetarium replace national.

Volunteer Activities

Eco spread the idea of ​​government under Digital Direct Democracy Planetarium and a budget of 2% of global GDP in educational institutions, NGOs, building societies, unions and political parties. Studying the material contained in the e-book "2% For the Planet and Planetary Eco Government"

Spreading the word by creating pages in google site, in blogs and on Facebook, using the material and citing the source.

Send e-mails, Facebook messages and phone.

Participate in the drafting and compilation of content sections of online news ecology and solidarity.

Participate in marches to curb climate change and petition for 2% of GDP.

Vote our requests.

 Join the Association nonprofit Global Solidariry in training.


Your phone is an essential tool with which you prune participate in our campaigns and help protect the environment. With your phone you prune:

    * Switch to our environmental and peaceful campaigns.

    * Receive alerts to participate in our shows.

    * Forward alerts to your friends.

    * Call and put pressure on companies, politicians and officials at the time when we most need to participate

From the start, the engine of Global Solidarity are the people who will and conviction decide to act to reverse the damage that affect our planet You can become one of these people and make a difference!

GS considers that communication should take all necessary ways to add more voices to the daily task of protecting the environment.

Because of this, participation in social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Google + has become a campaign tool.

Along with traditional forms of communication we promote the development of communities within networks.

 We always are interested in being at the forefront of technology, use their profits to get our message as far as possible because we know how much our claim is disseminated, the more likely you are to find a solution which safeguards the environment.

Find out about our activities and help us to spread our campaigns through different social networks in which you participate.


With 2% of GDP may save 17,000 children a day die from lack of vaccination, medical treatment and malnutrition, it can be adequately feed more than 800 million hungry now and alleviate extreme poverty across the globe . 20 billion new trees will be planted and CO2 recudirá. The entire fleet will be changed to hydrogen and electric engines, the energy matrix is ​​replaced with fusion reactors. an Eco Planetarium Coalition Government controlled under a system of Global Digital Direct Democracy will be implemented. These transformations are possible if all pushed and pressed simultaneously.


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2% for the planet and Eco Planetary Goverment


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