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         Engineering & Consultant

NASA Burkina Insrtitute of Technology Derby Polytechnic Nemko India
Markus Scheucher . (Los Angeles, USA). Scientist • Engineer • Postdoctoral Research Fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory • Investor




Daouda (Pegwende) Semdé. (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso). Engenieur en Énergie renouvelable




Glen Fallon (Tangier). Specialist in Power Generation O&M Business at all function levels, current focus on lean management and reliability via digitalisation. Additionally, working in business development for Energy Projects in Africa.


Harendra Singh Baghel (New Delhi, India). Engineer~testing inspection and certification at Nemko India




NASA Bangalore University Al-Farabi Kazakh National University VA TECH WABAG LTD
Jackelynne Silva-Martinez, PhD (Webster, Texas, USA) Aerospace Systems Engineer | Artemis Mission Integrator | Lunar Gateway Human Systems Engineering & Integration Manager | Space Architect | Agilist | Transformational Leader


Rohit Kapoor (Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India) PMC, infrastructure, Contracts, renewable energy, projects, procurement, quality, grants, trainer, survey,



Maxim Leman. (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Water Resources Engineer /Hydrology/ Environment Manager



ASIF IQBAL. (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India). Water/Waste Water Treatment, Municipal Solid Waste and Environment industry Expert in Sales, Marketing, Business Development | International EXIM Sales for European technology introduction in India

Jami't Al-Ba'ath ODDO BHF Hult International Business School Deloitte
Labeeb Alshaweesh. (Homs, Homs Governorate, Syria). Engineering Consultation, I&E and Commercial Contracting



Ahmed BOUZID. (Tunisia). Infrastructure & IT Operations | ITIL®| COBIT®| PRINCE 2®| ISO 27005 RM



Nelly Molus. (Grenoble, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France). High-tech Supply Chain & Sustainable Procurement Consultant - Ethical & Social Auditor #APSCA (SEDEX/ ICS / ISO 20400 & French LABEL RFAR 'Relations Fournisseurs & Achats Responsables') Gurjeet Singh Rana. (Gurugram, Haryana, India). Consultant at Deloitte




Veeva Systems AVIV B.V. Glafka Capital UNRWA USA
Ilaria Palmas. (Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy). Associate Consultant @Veeva Systems | MSc Digital Transformation Management @University of Bologna


Reinoud Scheres. (Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands). Adviseur risicobeheersing / directeur



Katerina Chatzichronoglou. (Athens, Greece). M.Sc. in Energy and Environmental Law and Policy



Lein Soltan, MPH. (Washington, District of Columbia, USA). Advocacy and Operations Manager | UNRWA USA



Southwark Council Henan agricultral university CAPITAL SMART CITY ISLAMABAD COMMALIN
Patrick J. Ferron, B.Sc., CRS (London, England). Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist | HACCP | Fire/Safety Inspection | Food Safety | Pool Parameters & Safety | IOSH Managing Safely May Xu (Hangzhou, Z and Jiang, China). Henan agricultural university


Jawad Ahsan (Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan). CAPITAL SMART CITY ISLAMABAD


Jani Chetankumar (Ahmedabad and surroundings). Co-Founder at Mechwat l Co-Founder at Commalinn


University of Sunderland Investigen, Inc. Nggawe Omah Consultant Fox Educational Services
Marc Chapman (Dulwich East, England, United Kingdom). Senior Environment & Sustainability Specialist Heather Koshinsky (Berkeley, California, United States). Strategic Improvement For Results Muhammad Haris (Java Oriental, Indonesia). Founder di Nggawe Omah Consultant Lynne Fox (New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States). Global Educational Developer, Innovator, Strategic Planner, and Coach

Sustainable Future Systemic Purdue University Advisor Environment
Çağatay Yılmaz (Istanbul, Istanbul, Türkiye). Sustainability Consultant - Sustainable Future Catarina dos Santos (Lisbon metropolitan area). Sustainability Consultant at Systemic Youssef E. Karam (Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon). Agricultural Engineer Attia Dastgir (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan). Advisor Environment to Water and Power Development Authority

Grupo DIVECO Euroinnova NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Universitat Rovira i Virgili 
Francis Martinez (Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras). Industrial Engineer Subhan Ibn Wasim (Marbella, Andalusia, Spain). Embedded engineer Priyanka Srivastava (Los Angeles and surroundings). NASA JPL Space Systems Engineer Caterina Cimolai (Argentina). PHD Candidate - Climate Change

North American Weather Consultants 
Nahua Gonzalo (Laurel, Maryland, United States). Artificial Seeding Expert at North American Weather Consultants Inc

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Dear reader friend: We are raising funds for the most important Global Warming and Global Solidarity Research and Action objectives in the world. We lack sufficient resources to activate our development programs. All data will be published free of charge on the Internet for everyone to access, learn and reflect on. To function we depend on individual donations, which on average are around 20 dollars per person. If everyone reading this message contributed to the cost of a coffee, we would raise the necessary funds. If Gaia Team is useful to you, take a moment so that the core objectives can be realized. Help us change the world. The second initiative consists of the Green Solidarity Fund Request of 2% of world GDP, annually, to end hunger, overpopulation and global warming. If together we get the presidents of the planet to sign it, we will be closer to peace and we will live in balance with nature. And the third objective is to activate the MegaStore portal, making Automatic Compassion possible, where all users can make purchases with a card and at no extra cost, make donations to organizations such as UNICEF.

Please help us


  Urgent climate action, together and together       


  Division Coordinators        




For investors and philanthropies
Capital must quickly move away from carbon-intensive activities and toward climate solutions if humanity is to survive accelerating global warming and slow it down in time.

We propose concrete carbon reduction policies and finance strategies, convening leading climate investors and philanthropists for immediate global effective action.

Through the international divisions of SpaceArch.Solutions, we develop sustainable projects on a planetary scale, modularly adjustable to each city, and through Greeninterbanks, a strategic alliance of environmental banks from around the world, we accelerate financing flows towards feasible and profitable projects.







For corporate decision makers
Due to the present acceleration of the climatic anomaly, we have a few months left (data to be confirmed by our scientific team) to try to stop it by activating the SCOPEX Project. Through the Gaia Team Initiative we are calling multinationals, social, political, financial power and NGOs to urgent climate action.

We must all unite and together save our planet, neutralizing in time the catastrophes that are fast approaching towards our future horizon. We must act in a cooperative, coordinated, synchronized and supportive manner to succeed in this vital objective for our survival.

The financial sector accumulates between 50 and 75 trillion dollars worldwide. We need only 2 to 3 trillion per year to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. What are we waiting for?




Catastrophic sequence
In January 2024 the cracking of the Thwaites Glacier will begin. It will thaw out completely between 2025/2027. 

In this period begins the phase of accelerated melting of the Arctic permafrost and the glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland. 

2028 The release of clathrates on the ESAS platform in Siberia begins. By 2030, the North Pole will thaw completely and the waters of the Arctic will warm. The activation of the “clatatros rifle” begins. 2031/33 begins the release of methane and carbon stocks in all oceans. 2035 maximum peak of the greenhouse effect.

Planet Earth is left uninhabitable with a surface temperature of 100º C due to the greenhouse effect of intense evaporation of seawater.

Can this happen? We do not know exactly, we have insufficient data. A maximum multidisciplinary and global scientific effort is required to be able to predict the complex interactions acting in the climate anomaly. And you have to do it immediately. Time is up.



              GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTIONS (click)



PHILLIPS, una empresa multinacional concentrada en dar soluciones tecnológicas a las necesidades de la gente

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UNILEVER, un negocio corporativo mundial, responsable y ambientalmente sustentable


We work to save the children of the planet and stop Global Warming. We have five years to be able to do it before breaking the threshold of 1.5 to 1.8º C according to the WMO. 

Under these conditions, intercontinental structural droughts can occur and this can cause hundreds or billions of people to die of hunger. We are acting in time to avoid it.

The report from the scientific group of the Gaia Team
is urgent to determine the next critical threshold of the climatic anomaly, to know what we are facing, how much time we have left and how we must organize ourselves to cushion its effects.

We invite all companies of good will to join us in our mission. We know what to do and how to do it.

We work to proactively raise awareness about climate justice and seek means of active financing for sustainable development in all areas under community control.

We lead a global movement of diverse people, companies and communities, committed to climate justice and fighting for a sustainable world in the shortest possible time.

The oppressive global inequality due to climate change and the unequal distribution of wealth are negatively impacting the middle and lower strata of our world societies, ecosystems are deteriorating rapidly. It is urgent to act immediately.

To solve global problems, global financing is needed, we are working to redirect the necessary resources to attend to the great scourges that plague humanity in the present: hunger, extreme poverty and global warming.

We raise funds through global e-commerce and donations.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, sharing an idea or partnering with us, please contact us





WHO WE ARE.- The Gaia Team within MasterEarth to save the Planet is an initiative of Global Solidarity, through a strategic alliance with Quantum Investment Bank, environmental banks and investment funds.

We are working to unite and coordinate efforts with international environmental banks, founding Green Interbanks, whose mission is to facilitate financing for sustainable projects with a positive return around the world, providing support to the Drawdown Project, the international green card: Forest Card, to raise funds for the planting of 30 billion trees per year to capture CO2, to the Delta System to replace individual vehicles in every city, to speed up the commissioning of fusion reactors, and to cutting-edge geothermal technology to generate abundant cheap electricity, to replace thermoelectric plants that run on hydrocarbons, as well as other priority high-scale projects to stop the acceleration of the climate anomaly.

If you wish to contact us


We thank the staff of    without this tool the rapid initiative of Gaia Team would not have been possible.



We work to save the children of the planet and stop Global Warming. We have five years to be able to do it before breaking the threshold of 
1.5 to 1.8º C according to the WMO. Under these conditions, intercontinental structural droughts can occur and this can cause hundreds or billions of people to die of hunger. We are acting in time to avoid it. We invite all companies of good will to join us in our mission. We know what to do and how to do it.

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