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Gaia Team Divisions

We are in a Big Problems!... Melting in Antarctica is accelerating


Derrick Lee

CEO GSL Systems

Roberto Guillermo Gomes

CEO of GSL Systems and temporary director of MayDay

Derrick Lee


Petteri Taalas, (Helsinki, Uusimaa Region, Finland).

Secretary General of World Meteorological Organization

Derrick Lee


Roberta Boscolo, (Ginebra).

Climate & Energy Leader at WMO | Climate Science & Policy Expert | Sustainable Energy Advocate | top 10 sustainability influencer | Likes & Shares do not entail endorsement

Derrick Lee


Youssef Nassef (Cologne, Bonn and surroundings).

Climate Adaptation Director - UNFCCC

Derrick Lee


Azita Valinia. (Greenbelt, Maryland, USA).

Chief Scientist at NASA Engineering & Safety Center

Derrick Lee


David Green. (Washington, District of Columbia, USA).

NASA Earth Science Strategist for Integrated Earth System Science; Network Advocacy for Geospatial Intelligence, Weather, Water and Climate - Expert in Disaster Risk Reduction and Wildfire Management

Derrick Lee


Steven Yoon. (San Francisco ).

Branch Chief at NASA Ames Research Center

Derrick Lee


Chelle Gentemann. (Santa Rosa, California, USA).

NASA HQ Program Scientist Transform to Open Science (TOPS)

Derrick Lee


Bradley Doorn. (York, Pennsylvania, USA).

Program Manager/Scientist at NASA

Derrick Lee

PhD Economics

Zsuzsanna Tajti PhD (Brussels, Belgium)

Climate, Sustainability, ESG & Credit Risk Management| Thought Leader| KPMG Advisor| GARP Volunteer| Risk Quantification, Policy & Regulation| Practical experience in the financial sector| PhD| CFA| FRM| PRM| CIA| SCR

Derrick Lee

PhD, Environmental Engineering

Kumari Anandita (Ranchi District, Jharkhand, India)

Ph.D Candidate

Derrick Lee

Committee on Climate Change

Chris Stark (London, England, United Kingdom).

CEO at Committee on Climate Change

Derrick Lee

PhD, Environmental Engineering

Hiral Jariwala (Guelph, Ontario, Canada).

Climate Change & Sustainability | Environmental Assessment | ESG | Carbon Sequestration | Decarbonization | Waste Management | OMAFRA HQP Scholar 2020 | PhD Candidate Environmental Engineering

Derrick Lee

Directorate of Climate Change

Berna Yiğit (Türkiye).

Environmental Engineer (PhD Candidate) - Directorate of Climate Change

Derrick Lee

PhD Candidate in Microbiology

Hila Hosseini (British Columbia, Canada).

PhD Candidate in Microbiology

Derrick Lee

Sustainability Data & Tech

Faraz Khan MBE (Portugal).

ESG, Sustainability Data & Tech I & visiting prof. of policy & Impact at University of St.Mary’s. Featured in BBC, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Khaleej Times,The Guardian. Focus ESG,Sustainable & Climate financing

Derrick Lee

SDU Climate Cluster

Sebastian H. Mernild (Odense, Syddanmark Region, Denmark).

Professor in Climate Change (PhD & DSc). Head of SDU Climate Cluster. IPCC Lead Author. D-IAS Chair.

Derrick Lee

PHD in climate hazards

Samira Koushki (Iran).

PHD in climate hazards

Derrick Lee

Carbon and Circularity Advisor

Eilidh Forster (Banbury, England, United Kingdom).

PhD Researcher | Forestry | Natural Capital | Life Cycle Assessment | Sustainability

Derrick Lee

Wildlife Institute of India

Urjit Bhatt (Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India).

PhD Student at Wildlife Institute of India

Derrick Lee

Ecosystem Restoration

Dr. Ghulam (Malik) Sarwar (Al Ula, Medina, Saudi Arabia).

Ecosystem Restoration | Biodiversity | R&D I Wildlife Management | DNA Barcoding & Phylogenetic | Higher Education Management | Research Grants Management | Endowment Fund | Tech Transfer & IP | Planning and M&E

Derrick Lee

Sorbonne Universités

Cassien NDIAYE (Paris, Île-de-France, France).

PhD | Climate and Environmental scientist

Derrick Lee

Indian Institute of Technology

Lakshmi Pathi Thulluru (Delhi, India).

PhD scholar at The School of Environmental Science and Engineering (SESE), IIT Kharagpur

Derrick Lee

Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute

Demtew Etisa (Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).

Associate Researcher at Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute

Derrick Lee

University of Southern Denmark

Patrizia (Patricie Gragnaniová) Gragnani (Denmark).

PhD candidate in Sustainability Management | Urban climate action

Derrick Lee

Loughborough University

Saul Humphrey (Toft Monks, England, United Kingdom).

Managing Partner of Saul D Humphrey LLP (Certified B Corp) | Professor at Anglia Ruskin University | Chair of Institute of Directors (Norfolk) | Chair of New Anglia LEP's Building Growth | Non Executive Director.

Derrick Lee

University of Melbourne

Astrid M. Bernal R. (Carlton, Victoria, Australia).

PhD Student- The University of Melbourne. Faculty of Law - Climate futures

Derrick Lee


Emma Tacken (Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand).

Climate Change | Biodiversity | PhD

Derrick Lee

University of Waterloo

Pankaj Tewari, MBA, PhD (Toronto Area, Canada).

PhD Fellow at University of Waterloo

Derrick Lee

University of Colorado Boulder

Prakriti Sardana (Boulder, Colorado, United States).

PhD Student at the University of Colorado Boulder

Derrick Lee


Jean-Marc Goudet (París).

Postdoctoral researcher in mental health & climate change, MD PhD

Derrick Lee

University of the Punjab

Dr. Salman Tariq (Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan).

PhD | Atmospheric Scientist

Derrick Lee

Department of Environment

Dr Kimberly Camrass (Brisbane and surroundings).

Director - Climate Positive Brisbane 2032 | Regenerative Futures PhD

Derrick Lee

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Mirosveta Petrova (Varna, Bulgaria).

PhD, Climate Change Regime

Derrick Lee

IVM Institute for Inviromental

Benedetta Sestito (Rome, Lazio, Italy).

PhD Candidate

Derrick Lee

Parliament for Water

Baya Aissaoui (Foscari Venice).

PhD Science and Management of Climate Change at Università Ca'​

Derrick Lee

University of Virginia

Matthew Chester (Orlando, Florida, United States).

Energy, Utility, and Sustainability Expert-- Analysis, Research, & Writing

Derrick Lee

Proyect Drawdown

Tina Swanson (Paicines, California, United States).

Environmental Science and Policy Professional

Derrick Lee

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Romina Avila (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain).

PhD in Environmental Technologies | Bioremediation | Wastewater treatment | Natural Climate Solutions

Derrick Lee

York University

David McRobert (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

At Environmental Lawyer, Professor, International Law at Fleming College, Former Professor, Environmental Law, York U., 1989-2010, SPRING Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Derrick Lee

Carbon Forestry

Naveen V. (Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada).

Forest carbon dynamics modeling | Silviculture and Agroforestry | Remote Sensing and GIS - Forest Resources and Ecosystem Analysis | Spatial ecology | Carbon Forestry

Derrick Lee

World Food Programme

Mark Arango Owidhi (Kenya).

Consultant | PhD Candidate| Meteorologist | Climate Change Specialist | Expert Reviewer (IPCC)

Derrick Lee

University of Sussex

Marie Hudon, SIPC. (Canada).

Analyste développement de marché et prospective stratégique, MSc. Sustainable Development Candidate

Derrick Lee


Om Daxini. (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India).

NASA Citizen Scientist | RVSAT-1 | Student at RVCE

Derrick Lee

Argentine Naval Hydrographic

Sandra Barreira (Buenos Aires, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Director of Research at Argentine Navy Hydrographic Service -Argentine Navy Meteorological Service

Derrick Lee

Zanjan University

Robab Razmi (Iran).

Phd / climate change

Derrick Lee

Università di Bologna

Ilaria Palmas. (Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy).

Associate Consultant @Veeva Systems | MSc Digital Transformation Management @University of Bologna

Derrick Lee

ZHAW Life Science

Ragini Hüsch. (Wadenswil, Zurich, Switzerland).

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin bei ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management

Derrick Lee

Southern Methodist University

Rose C Jones, Ph.D. (Dallas-Fort Worth, USA).

Research & Strategy in Urban Green Health

Derrick Lee


Sadiq Ali (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India).

Team AeroAstro || Nasa Citizen Scientist || Ambassador at the ISS National Laboratory || SOLIDWORKS User Group Leader

Derrick Lee


Federica Maggioni (Nouméa, New Caledonia).

PhD in Marine Biology & Ecology | Looking for post-doctoral position or collaborations.

Derrick Lee

University of Texas

Zong-Liang Yang. (Austin, Texas, USA).

Professor and Jackson Chair at The University of Texas at Austin

Derrick Lee

Australian National University

Sue Barrell AO FTSE. (Melbourne).

Science leader, independent chair, director, mentor

Derrick Lee


Ingrid Garcia-Solera. (Norfolk, Virginia, USA).

Data Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center

Derrick Lee

Physics World

Chaneil James, MSc. (London, United Kingdom)

Sustainability, Earth Systems, and Space Scientist | Scientific Journalist | STEAM Outreach and Communication | MSc in Astrophysics, Particle Physics, and Cosmology | BSc in Earth Sciences

Derrick Lee

University of Maryland

George Hurtt. (College Park, Maryland, USA).

Professor & Associate Chair

Derrick Lee

University of East Anglia

Heike Schroeder. (Norwich Area, United Kingdom).

Professor of Environmental Governance at University of East Anglia

Derrick Lee

Proyect Drawdown

Aiyana Bodi (Brooklyn, New York, United States).

Senior Associate, Drawdown Labs at Project Drawdown

Derrick Lee

California Institute

Sassan Saatchi. (Pasadena, California, USA).

Senior Research Scientist at GlobalCarbon Cycle and Ecosystem at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Derrick Lee

Suborbital Scientist

Hady Milani. (Milan, Lombardy, Italy).

Space Advocate | Forbes 30 under30 | Suborbital Scientist Astronaut Candidate | Space Artist

Derrick Lee

Droit de l'environnement

Soumia GUENNOUN. (Préfecture de Fès, Fez, Morocco).

Enseignante-Chercheuse en Droit - PhD en Droit de l'environnement

Derrick Lee

Energy and Environmental

Katerina Chatzichronoglou. (Athens, Greece).

M.Sc. in Energy and Environmental Law and Policy

Derrick Lee


Ana Alexandra Pereira. (Porto, Portugal).

Legionella and Biofilms in Engineered Water Systems || Science & Industry || Postdoctoral Researcher @ LEPABE/ ALiCE/ FEUP

Derrick Lee


Zaman Mohammad. (Vienna, Austria).

Soil Scientist/ Plant Nutritionist at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Derrick Lee

Unitar Scycle

Kees Baldé. (Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands).

Senior Scientific Specialist at UNITAR SCYCLE (previously hosted by United Nations University)

Derrick Lee


Maria Kosonen. (Geneva, Switzerland).

JPO, Hydrology, Water, and Cryosphere, WMO

Derrick Lee

National University of Kyiv

Maria Pokormiako. (Boryspil, Kiev, Ukraine).

Студент(ка) в уч. заведении Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Derrick Lee

Climate change

Gokul Vishwanathan. (New Zealand).

Doctoral Candidate || Extreme weather events and climate change

Derrick Lee

SDG 13 Ambassador

Hildah Kirimi (Nairobi, Kenya).

Veterinary Medicine Surgeon | Project Mananger| Climate Change Ambassador |Wildlife |Environmental Conservation | SDG 13 Ambassador

Derrick Lee

Ste Holdings

Dr. R. Paul Williamson (Westminster)

Managing Partner. VP Sustainable Energy. /(833) 767-5280 EXT 3

Derrick Lee

North Caroline State University

Michelle Cipullo. (Denver, Colorado, USA).

Atmospheric Scientist

Derrick Lee


Giulia Stefenelli (Zurich, Switzerland).

PhD in Atmospheric Science - Project Management - Scientific communication - Chair of Scientific Officers Board MDPI AG

Derrick Lee

Robert Gordon University

Peter Strachan. (Aberdeen, Scotland).

Professor of Energy Policy, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Business School, Scotland

Derrick Lee

Texas University

Jennifer Fogarty. (Houston, Texas, USA).

Chief Scientist

Derrick Lee


Guntur Subbarao. (Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan).

Senior Scientist at JIRCAS

Derrick Lee

Lead City University

Alao Eric (Abuja, Nigeria).

Adjunct Professor at Lead City University/ Climate Change Solution provider/Agribusiness Consultant/Project Manager/BDSP

Derrick Lee

University of Sargodha

Fazal Ur Rehman. (Islamabad, Pakistan).

Master in Analytical Chemistry || Research and Development || H P L C || FTIR || FTNIR || Atomic Absorption || Analysis and resolving methods || Assessments, Policy Advocacy

Derrick Lee

Climate Alpha

Michael Ferrari. (New York, USA).

Chief Scientific Officer & Chief Commercial Officer at Climate Alpha

Derrick Lee


Simone Lolli. (Florence, Tuscany, Italy).

Senior Scientist at National Research Council (CNR) and NASA MPLNET Science Team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Derrick Lee

University of Kent

Manya Russo. (Msida, Malta).

Conservation Practitioner & Project Manager

Derrick Lee


Carmen Blackwood. (Los Ángeles ).

Earth Scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Derrick Lee


Sylvain Costes. (Richmond, California, USA).

Biosciences Research Branch Chief at NASA Ames Research Center

Derrick Lee

Lund University

Ase Johannessen (The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands).

Senior Researcher/advisor, Deltares

Derrick Lee

The University of Queensland

Harvey Ruan, ACCA (Brisbane and surroundings).

PhD Scholar in Accounting at UQ|Sustainability Accounting Researcher|ACCA Member

Derrick Lee

Bangor University

Nia Jones (United Kingdom).

PhD Student modelling microplastic dispersal | Research Officer in Coastal Modelling

Derrick Lee

United Arab Emirates University

Aïssata B. Hassane (Sweden).

Hydrogeologist, PhD

Derrick Lee

University pof Adelaide

Vittoria Cipriani (Australia).

PHD candidate at University of Adelaide

Derrick Lee


Laura Basconi (Milan and surroundings).

PhD in Climate Change, Ecologist

Derrick Lee

PhD in climate change

Soma Zandkarimi (Iran).

PhD in climate change

Derrick Lee

Kenyatta University

Gordon Ocholla, PhD (Nairobi County, Kenya).

Academic & Policy Analyst II Green & Circular Economy II WASH & Climate Change Mobility II Environmental Risk Assessment

Derrick Lee

Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

Prof. Ikramullah Khan, PhD (UQ) and Post Docs (UAE and China) (Pakistan).

Professor of Plant Ecology/Climate Change at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan-Pakistan; President, Pakistan Ecological Society (PES)

Derrick Lee

University of Tehran

Fatemeh Sadat Alavipoor (Tehran, Iran).

PhD, University of Tehran

Derrick Lee

University of Florida

Robert (Bob) Dickinson (Tampa Bay Area).

Storm Sewer Flood Modeler with 50+yrs SWMM & 25+yrs SWMM5. Autodesk (2.75 yrs), Innovyze (17 yrs). TechX Autodesk Ambassador Finalist. Autodesk Technologist for ICM SWMM. TAC for CIMM.ORG, #SWMM5 #cancersurvivor

Derrick Lee

Asian Institute of Technology

Yunghsin Lin (Pathum Thani Province, Thailand).

Sustainability consultant & PhD candidate in Urban Environmental Management

Derrick Lee

Youth4Ocean Forum

Carlotta Santolini (Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy).

PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development | Mariscadoras Co-Founder

Derrick Lee

National Open University of Nigeria

Otoh (Dayo) Umoren (Nigeria).

Teaching and Research

Derrick Lee


Tuğba Çelebioğlu (Istanbul, Türkiye).

PhD Candidate/Environmental Engineer

Derrick Lee


Christophe Sturm (Norrkoping, Ostergotland Province, Sweden).

(PhD) Researcher in hydro-climatology

Derrick Lee

International Scientific Committee

Mei Ting Phang (Singapore).

Environmentalist with Passion and Love

Derrick Lee

The University of Edinburgh

Paulina Gonzalez Martinez (Edinburgh and surroundings).

Researcher | PhD candidate | Energy | Labour | Climate Change and Gender | Project Management |

Derrick Lee

Proyect Drawdown

Yusuf Jameel, PhD (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States).

Scientist | Research, Data Analysis, Project Management | I conduct frontline research on climate solutions and decarbonization strategies

Derrick Lee

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Amira Saidi (San Diego, California, United States).

PhD Researcher in Climate Change at Ca'Foscari University

Derrick Lee

Université de Dakar (UCAD)

Dr. Sémou NDAO (Senegal).

PhD, Atmosphere physics, Climate and Climate Impact

Derrick Lee

University of Hong Kong

Ying Lung Liu (Kensington, New South Wales, Australia).

PhD in Climate Science (UNSW)

Derrick Lee

C-Circle Research

Chimeremogor May Ohajinwa, PhD, MPH (The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands).

PhD Environmental Sciences - e-Waste Management | Recycling | Risk Assessment | Public Health | Sustainability

Derrick Lee


Tom Cwik (La Cañada Flintridge, California, United States).

Chief Technologist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Derrick Lee

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Mostafa Hamouda (Germany).

PhD in Climate Science

Derrick Lee

University of Western Australia

Nicole Hodgson (Australia).

PhD candidate, Environmental Humanities, University of Western Australia

Derrick Lee

University of Queensland

Alice Twomey (Australia).

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, PhD, RPEQ

Derrick Lee

Weather and Climate Services

Zahid Masood (Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan).

Geophysicist, Climate Change Analyst, PhD Research Scholar at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Derrick Lee

Lund University

Yuanyuan Quan (Lund, Skåne, Sweden).

PhD Candidate | Environmental Science | Climate, Energy and Sustainability | Green Earth, Green Future

Dear reader friend: We are raising funds for the most important Global Warming and Global Solidarity Research and Action objectives in the world. We lack sufficient resources to activate our development programs. All data will be published free of charge on the Internet for everyone to access, learn and reflect on. To function we depend on individual donations, which on average are around 20 dollars per person. If everyone reading this message contributed to the cost of a coffee, we would raise the necessary funds. If Gaia Team is useful to you, take a moment so that the core objectives can be realized. Help us change the world. The second initiative consists of the Green Solidarity Fund Request of 2% of world GDP, annually, to end hunger, overpopulation and global warming. If together we get the presidents of the planet to sign it, we will be closer to peace and we will live in balance with nature. And the third objective is to activate the MegaStore portal, making Automatic Compassion possible, where all users can make purchases with a card and at no extra cost, make donations to organizations such as UNICEF.

Please help us

Saving the Planet now is serving and loving all beings.

Runaway Nature has no race or belief, it just acts.

We must act likewise urgently to stop Global Warming.

All together and among all together, it is always possible.

Let's have faith in ourselves.

As Humanity we are living a special time, a change of era. One day of God ends and a new Eighth Day begins.


Draft International Agreement to decontaminate outer space













We are a + 2000 people in a global solidarity initiative to save our planet with immediate actions, bringing together scientists, environmentalists, politicians, financiers, professionals from all areas and people from all over the planet, to work, all together and together, to stop global warming, and at the same time to end the merciless scourge of hunger and extreme poverty throughout the Earth. The weather anomaly is in an acceleration phase, we must act immediately: build an AI holographic dynamic weather map, interconnecting via an intranet all available quantum computers, fed all known variables and deducing all unknowns, to get the most realistic tipping points and predict upcoming events, in a effort combined with the best scientists from all continents. We need to act before December 2023, activating a planetary climate emergency plan to be implemented worldwide, with the cooperation of all governments. Join our team task forces! To save the planet and guarantee everyone's life on it, we all need to work in a cooperative, coordinated, synchronized and supportive way. Prioritizing everyone's lives and not money, ego, fame or power.

All of us on our beautiful planet Earth find ourselves in a situation of complete Climate Insecurity. We must abandon prejudice, hatred and resentment, unite and work together to stop the present acceleration of the climate anomaly. We are all in the same boat. We are all necessary. We can all help to save each other. Let us know how to be supportive and overcome all our differences.

1.- SCOPEX Project


3.- Compact atomic reactors per city of + half a million inhabitants

4- Green Energy

5.- Green Transportation

6.- Food

7.- Save the Arctic, Amazonia and decontaminate the oceans

8.- Stop the 6th mass extinction, global warming

9.- Abolish extreme poverty throughout the Earth

10.- Green Fund of 2% of the annual world GDP to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming

11.- Eco Global Government to coordinate at a planetary level all actions to stop global warming

12.- Global Direct Digital Democracy advised by a Science Council made up of the best scientists on the planet united

13.- Substitute money for units of qualified time

14.- Life annuity to all citizens of the world due to the transfer of the means of production to AI and cybernetics. In exchange they must provide community services in art, education and science

15.- Accelerate the space elevator

16.- Accelerate the colonization of the Moon

17.- Project and develop floating cities and cities in space, on other planets and on asteroids

18.- Develop new thrusters for spaceships

19.- Activate the key projects Adonai Horeb, Zeus Program and Human-X Technologies

If you are an Dr. , architect, engineer or programmer, the planet needs you. Now we are all in a complete state of Planetary Climate Insecurity with future forecasts of devastating catastrophes and accelerated melting. There will be famines and great mortality... We can still avoid it... If you are also an advanced student, we invite you to join SpaceArch's Advanced Design divisions. You won't do it for free. Everyone will charge for their work.

Once every project obtains its technical feasibility study and financial return, it is apt to receive international credits available from the world banking system. In this way, the fees of the different divisions of SpaceArch can be paid and the mega projects planned on a large planetary scale can be executed. That they are urgent and necessary to stop the global warming bomb and avoid the 6th Mass Extinction.

We are in a race against time. The acceleration of the weather anomaly is proceeding very rapidly. We must act decisively, unitedly and quickly. At GSL Systems we are in the initial phase, with insufficient resources. We call up the reserves of the computer divisions of the armed forces of all countries as volunteers (note). We assume the commitment to pay for the hours spent once we activate our global e-commerce system. We ask multinationals and investors to join this initiative, because there is simply no Plan "B" to save the planet. This is the only one at the moment.

Organizations and companies with which SpaceArch prepares its global climate mitigation projects:

NASA, Apple, Amazon, Swyftcities, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ste-Holdings, Quaise, Climeworks, AEON In alliance with:,,,,,,,,, www.phoenix,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, www.,,,,,,, ,

Net-Zero Banking Alliance / 127 banks/ 41 countries

Through the fintech of, an alliance between environmental banks, we already have access to US$ 100,000 million of loan availability. We are working to increase our portfolio with a greater number of banks and investment funds committed to the mission of Saving the Planet and doing good green business at the same time. There is no better investment than the one applied to defend the Sacred Life of all. We believe that by the end of the year our combined financial capacity will reach US$2 trillion. It is not money that moves the world, it is profitable projects on a large scale. Capital depends on them to multiply, sustain itself and revalue itself. That is why a country without mega projects not only does not progress, it goes bankrupt. Half a cent of the dollar is not given away to anyone. That does not exist. Each project must close and have a pre-feasibility study and a positive rate of return.

Net-Zero Banking Alliance / 127 banks/ 41 countries

The system model in SpaceArch. Solutions works like this:
1.- We give priority to the scale projects of the Planetary Emergency Master Plan.
2.- We offer advanced Architecture and Engineering services to any company in formation that requires expert technical assistance and project development.
3.- We manage the necessary international financing.
4.-We charge commission for the service.

The Legal Division of SpaceArch Division is preparing the standard contract so that all interested companies can hire the technical and professional services of the Gaia Team online. They will be supervised by AI.
This facilitates the realization and execution of medium, high and large scale projects at a local, national and international level. It is what is needed to immediately activate sustainable global projects that mitigate and stop the accelerating climate anomaly.

Mr. Gomes: I am very impressed with the entourage of companies and leaders you have assembled, not ato even mention the very important concerns, needs and topics you have assembled!! I can see that much impressive work has been done and the challenges identified in your Master Climate Emergency Plan. If there is any way that our work and plans at Sustainable Transportation and Energy can play a role in this magnificent vision, we would be honored to do so. My background in academia, hydrogen research, and sustainable transportation, housing and infinite energy production, may be areas that I can contribute in small ways. Our resources are minimal since we are in the start-up phase of our solution-based, hydrial SystainableSynergy Business Model. Perhaps this novel approach, using infinite energy resources to power and underwrite transportation, while providing sustainable innovation, financial stability, economic development, environmental recovery and community progress can be one of the keys that we can employ to bring an attitude of SOLUTIONS to the many challenges you have so ably identified. Status quo thinking and bureaucratic hypocrisy has proven that standard approaches have not and are not working so I applaud what you are doing and hope we can find ways to partner, compliment and solve everything facing humanity!!

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA !!! Global Solidarity is apolitical
1) Global Solidarity is apolitical. All citizens of the Earth can be members and participate in it.
2) Its mission is the creation of the Eco E-Government Global under Digital Direct Democracy system advised by a Council of Sciences made up of scientists.
3) The executive power of the EEGG will have a presidential character, with a mandate for 4 years and with the option of a second term for another 4 years.
4) Digital Direct Democracy works through the Internet and all citizens from 16 years of age are entitled to vote laws that regulate and regulate the entire planet, without the need for legislative representatives. It can also dismiss the current world authorities for breach of their functions.


ESTA ES UNA GRAN IDEA!!! Global Solidarity es apolítica
1) Global Solidarity es apolítica. Todos los ciudadanos de la Tierra pueden ser miembros y participar en ella.
2) Su misión es la creación del E-Gobierno Planetario bajo sistema de Democracia Digital Directa asesorado por un Consejo de las Ciencias integrado por científicos.
3) El poder ejecutivo del EEP tendrá carácter presidencialista, con mandato durante 4 años y con opción a un segundo período por otros 4 años.
4) La Democracia Digital Directa funciona mediante internet y todos los ciudadanos a partir de los 16 años de edad están habilitados para votar las leyes que ordenan y regulan a todo el planeta


PDF image



Read "Effect Corch" please and Global Climate Emergency Master Plan

“Every business starts as one person with an idea. How fast you go, how far you get, is in your hands. The bigger your vision, the bigger your achievement will be.” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

"Automatic universal compassion guarantees the participation of all humanity in concrete actions of goodwill to save our planet." RG, CEO at GSL Systems

Donaciones aqui




For investors and philanthropies

Capital must quickly move away from carbon-intensive activities and toward climate solutions if humanity is to survive accelerating global warming and slow it down in time.

We propose concrete carbon reduction policies and finance strategies, convening leading climate investors and philanthropists for immediate global effective action.

Through the international divisions of SpaceArch.Solutions, we develop sustainable projects on a planetary scale, modularly adjustable to each city, and through Greeninterbanks, a strategic alliance of environmental banks from around the world, we accelerate financing flows towards feasible and profitable projects.

For corporate decision makers

Due to the present acceleration of the climatic anomaly, we have a few months left (data to be confirmed by our scientific team) to try to stop it by activating the SCOPEX Project. Through the Gaia Team Initiative we are calling multinationals, social, political, financial power and NGOs to urgent climate action.

We must all unite and together save our planet, neutralizing in time the catastrophes that are fast approaching towards our future horizon. We must act in a cooperative, coordinated, synchronized and supportive manner to succeed in this vital objective for our survival.

The financial sector accumulates between 50 and 75 trillion dollars worldwide. We need only 2 to 3 trillion per year to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. What are we waiting for?

Catastrophic sequence

In January 2024 the cracking of the Thwaites Glacier will begin. It will thaw out completely between 2025/2027.

In this period begins the phase of accelerated melting of the Arctic permafrost and the glaciers of Antarctica and Greenland.

2028 The release of clathrates on the ESAS platform in Siberia begins. By 2030, the North Pole will thaw completely and the waters of the Arctic will warm. The activation of the “clatatros rifle” begins. 2031/33 begins the release of methane and carbon stocks in all oceans. 2035 maximum peak of the greenhouse effect.

Planet Earth is left uninhabitable with a surface temperature of 100º C due to the greenhouse effect of intense evaporation of seawater.

Can this happen? We do not know exactly, we have insufficient data. A maximum multidisciplinary and global scientific effort is required to be able to predict the complex interactions acting in the climate anomaly. And you have to do it immediately. Time is up.

Climate Commissions by sector

Immediate technological solutions are already available to mitigate climate change. Inaction is unacceptable.

Gaia Team's digital business plan at GSL Systems Corp