Entering 2023, it was possible to shorten the digital gap by bringing connectivity to six communities in the territory of the Paraguayan Chaco, thanks to the work of Grupo Sunu, an executing organization in Paraguay of the trinational initiative NANUM Mujeres Conectadas in alliance with the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MITIC) the framework of the Digital Agenda program.

During the last weeks of December, the connectivity infrastructure was laid and internet connections were installed on a trial basis to provide the connectivity service to the communities of Samaria, Campo Largo, Loma, La Patria, Cerritos and Pozo Hondo. populations of the Paraguayan Chaco. During the first months of 2023, work will be done on improving the service and on training for the technical sustainability of the service by the technical team of MITIC and ISOC Py.

All the inter-institutional efforts for the connectivity infrastructure, the equipment and the facilities for the operation of the Nanum centers were also in charge of the Sunu Group. The connectivity of these communities in the Paraguayan Chaco would be benefiting more than 500 families.

In the case of the NANUM Center in Samaria in the central Chaco, connectivity will benefit more than 70 families and it will be managed by the Faaay lhavoqueey organization, which means Carob Collector Women in the Nivaclé language. In addition, the service will be expanding with the laying of a community network that would be the second in the country thanks to the support of ISOC. “With the internet we are very happy. We think of using it for the sale of carob flour to other places. We want to do workshops and training to better learn digital tools and expand our economic ventures. For our training we usually meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on the weather”, says Rogelia Pérez, from the Nivacle Unida C.N.U Samaria Paraguay Community.

Internet use is often educational and productive. It is thought of the online sale of the products of the area. In the same way, the Internet service will serve to join the health system. Another of the aspects raised is that the service will be used to review and monitor land tenure. The idea is that through the internet they can monitor and monitor their procedures.

These communities are quite isolated. The achievement of being connected guarantees that they are included and involved in the benefits that this service entails.

The NANUMs Centers are equipped with notebooks, PCs, multipurpose printers, speakers, headphones and a Smart TV to facilitate training and online training workshops. The space allows strengthening the activities and demands of the communities.

The NANUM Mujeres Conectadas Initiative is a trinational project (Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay) co-financed by the IDB Lab, the Innovation Laboratory of the Inter-American Development Bank, implemented by the Avina Foundation, in partnership with the Gran Chaco Foundation in Argentina. , Grupo Sunu in Paraguay and NATIVA in Bolivia with the support of Redes Chaco and the Women’s Collective that proposes facilitating access to connectivity for 5,000 women in 40 isolated rural communities of the Gran Chaco Americano to strengthen their organizations, adapt to the climate change and the scaling of innovation in the region.

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Source: inncontext.net


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