Eradicating hunger. Food insecurity
17,000 children die every day of hunger and lack of proper vaccination, 6.3 million per year ... With the resources of the Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP annually, may be allocated 500 billion of U $ S dollars to eradicate hunger and alleviate extreme poverty across the planet.

From Global Solidarity we are working to apply a radical change to the status quo of our civilization. Our goal is to concentrate funds for two trillion dollars, equivalent to 2% of the world's annual GDP.
We are doing it through honest work, concentrated strategic and competitive intelligence, intensively, globally and massively. We call on all goodwill companies to join this effort to save the children of the planet and stop global warming. This initiative is the only one focused on a specific strategy to achieve the necessary change in the short term.

The funds will be applied to finance four basic strategic goals:

1.- U$S 500 billion per year to end hunger, extreme poverty and pandemics on the entire planet Earth.

2.- U$S 1 trillion and a half per year to be applied in sustainable projects. Objectives 

3.- U$S 10 billion per year to ensure food sovereignty, stop depending on agrochemical corporations and transgenic producers. Develop and apply substitute marketing systems so that the products from the fruit and vegetable belts reach consumers in large cities directly, without intermediaries. The goal is to lower the price of food as soon as possible.

4.- Everyone to work. Through the combined systems of e-commerce and intensive, global and massive e-business, loyal e-mails and user pages with the option of their own domain of choice will be enabled to carry out global telesales and teleworking tasks. To this will be added the global e-learning service to ensure constant training for all users. Everyone should practice physical exercise, take care of the diet, work and study constantly. In this way the average IQ of the world population will be increased and the poor and lower middle class will be rescued from the darkness and helplessness of ignorance and unemployment.

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PROBLEM: Avoid the temperature increase plus two degrees Celsius is not enough, concluded Dr. James Hansen, climate change expert and former NASA scientist. As explained in their study published in the journal European Geoscience Union, two degrees over global warming could be catastrophic for humanity, because in just 50 years, the sea level will rise 3-8 meters.

The situation had already lived before. The evidence indicates that an increase in temperature of just 1 degree Celsius, came to raise sea level between 4 and 9 meters, which in turn led to extreme storms will form over a thousand years ago.

Through the publication, Hansen and the 16 co-authors, have made an appeal to politicians, as in 2009, world leaders pledged under the Copenhagen Accord, not to let the temperature to rise more than two degrees . Which, apparently, is not enough.

In recent research, Hansen and co-author Makiko Sato, also from GISS compared the climate of today, the Holocene, with a similar period of interglacial periods - periods when the polar ice caps exist but the world was dominated by glaciers.

Studying corals drilled ice sheets and deep ocean sediments, Hansen found that global mean temperatures during the Eemian, which began 130,000 years ago and lasted about 15,000 years, were less degree warmer than today.

If temperatures to rise 2 C over pre-industrial times, the average global temperature could far exceed that of the Eemian, when sea level was four to six meters higher than today, Hansen said.

The IPCC projects an increase of 2 C and rising ocean levels 1 meter end of the century, but the recent report by former NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen says that with only 1 C over the waters will rise up 8 meters, at the latest within 50 years. He justifies this with what happened in the Eemian, 100,000 years ago.

 "To overcome this new picture of the situation, which puts us in" planetary emergency "they lack capital intensive, such as mobilized during World War II. The message is that, free, will not solve environmental problems. In that sense from GSI propose the Green Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP, annually, to meet this demand, or the option of Planetary Army saving $ 1 trillion per year, among all countries that adhere to the new coalition. It has been created extraordinary a situation that requires extraordinary resources. The cost is two billion dollars a year. Either this, or chaos within two decades. Consider that only the United States has 1,700 coastal locations. The main cities of the world are coastal and including hundreds of millions of people live. When flooded where will they go? What eat? What drink? Where did they sleep? This is a question of survival and pure logic. Do you have or do not have reason Dr. Hansen ? ".

SOLUTION: Global Solidarity Fund proposes the Solidarity Green 2% of global GDP annually. With these funds, equivalent to $ 2 trillion, they will plant 20 billion trees per year to capture CO2, invest in fusion reactors and clean energy systems, changing vehicles combustion engines by electric and hydrogen addition 25% to end hunger, pandemics and extreme poverty, creating conditions for a world with less inequality will go.

INVITATION: Your community may join Coastal Cities Against Climate Change, with the island nations that make up the areas to be mostly impacted by global warming and participate in block to petition the United Nations for the immediate implementation of the Green Solidarity Fund , only rational solution to return to 350 ppm of free CO2 in our atmosphere and return the entire ecosystem to its former point of balance and sustainability. If you choose not to participate they are choosing to leave their properties in a few years ahead, when the oceans rise inevitably, because we do not take the right decisions on time.





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