We are witnessing a change of era, driven by the hyperevolution of our science and technology

We are witnessing a change of era, driven by the hyperevolution of our science and technology

We are facing a historical turning point, a change of era, driven by the hyper-evolution of our science and technology.
Before 2050 our work, education, clothing, and eating habits will change. Cities will be restructured, there will be gigantic tower buildings that will house entire cities, linear pedestrian cities will multiply. There will be floating cities, underwater cities, orbital cities, cities on asteroids, space cities, on other planets and moons.
All transportation systems will change. We will master fusion energy, geothermal energy, satellite-collected solar, we will be close to antigravity. The AI will reach the singularity and the explosion of artificial intelligence will take place in a logarithmic fashion. The engineering of Alcubierre’s ships will be resolved, the path to the exoplanets will be opened, we will have the means of transportation.
AI will be smarter than humans. Robotics will replace human labor. Technology to stop aging and rejuvenate will be discovered. Cryonization will be common on extended space travel.
We will be able to send information in the form of active software back into the past using the ambiguous properties of the photon.
Through new neurotechnological devices we will be able to interconnect with the central IAG and with the Internet 8. Our IQ will increase exponentially more than 10,000 times. Through genetic engineering we will be able to shape our physical bodies at will. We will no longer be predetermined from birth, we will have the option to change and improve.
There will be colonies on the Moon, on Mars, and on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. It will begin mining in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Necessarily our entire system of socioeconomic and political organization must change and adapt, become more flexible, and evolve.
The next three decades will determine the future of our species for the next billion years and we will live with subraces, metahumans, clones, androids, synthetic humans, cyborgs and all kinds of cybernetic organisms. And collectively intelligent nanotechnologies.
Advice: We must prepare more, try harder, study more, be more compassionate, learn to serve our planetary society. Otherwise we can fall into an evolutionary blind alley and end of all our history…



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