Complaint against the presidents of the world for crimes against humanity

Complaint against the presidents of the world for crimes against humanity

Request to the Tribunal of the International Criminal Court to investigate the responsibilities of the 194 Heads of State for allowing 820 million to suffer and starve and thousands of children’s lives are lost every day due to lack of vaccination

Hunger causes irreversible damage to the children who suffer from it. More than 820 million people in the world suffer from hunger today. Nearly 2 billion people suffer from moderate or severe food insecurity in the world.

(Source: www.bancodealimentos.org.ar)

Every year, some 25 million children do not receive life-saving vaccines, putting them at risk of devastating and entirely preventable diseases such as measles and polio. The cost of full childhood vaccination in low-income countries is just $18 per child, down from almost $25 a decade ago. For every million dollars invested in manufacturing vaccines, 55,555 children are saved. This is the equation.


The percentage of people affected by hunger skyrocketed in 2020 and continued to rise in 2021, reaching 9.8% of the world population, compared to the percentages of 8% registered in 2019 and 9.3% in 2020.

Around 2.3 billion people in the world (29.3%) were in a situation of moderate or severe food insecurity in 2021, that is, 350 million more people than before the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Some 924 million people (11.7% of the world’s population) faced severe levels of food insecurity, an increase of 207 million in a two-year interval.

The gender gap in relation to food insecurity continued to widen in 2021: 31.9% of the world’s women suffered from moderate or severe food insecurity, compared to 27.6% of men, a gap of more than 4 points, compared to 3 percentage points recorded in 2020.

Nearly 3.1 billion people could not afford to maintain a healthy diet in 2020, or 112 million more than in 2019, reflecting the effects of food price inflation stemming from the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 and the measures adopted to contain it.

An estimated 45 million children under the age of five suffered from acute malnutrition, which increases the risk of infant mortality. In addition, 149 million children under the age of five suffered from delayed growth and development due to a chronic lack of essential nutrients in their diet, while 39 million were overweight.

Progress is being made in exclusive breastfeeding, with almost 44% of babies under six months of age globally being exclusively breastfed in 2020. This figure is still far from the 50% target set for 2030. A A very worrying fact is that two out of three children lack the minimum diverse diet they need to grow and develop fully.

Nearly 670 million people are projected to remain hungry in 2030 (8% of the world’s population), even allowing for an economic recovery. This is a figure similar to that of 2015, when the goal of ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition by the end of this decade was established within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The ongoing war in Ukraine, involving two of the world’s largest producers of staple grains, oilseeds and fertilizers, is disrupting international supply chains and causing higher prices for grains, fertilizers and energy, as well as ready-to-use therapeutic foods for the treatment of severe child malnutrition.

This situation comes at a time when supply chains are already being affected by increasingly frequent extreme weather events, especially in low-income countries, and has potentially worrying consequences for security. food and nutrition worldwide.

“The question now is not whether or not adversity will continue to occur, […] but rather that we should be taking bolder steps to build resilience to it,” the heads of the five United Nations agencies wrote in the foreword.


From MasterEarth we propose a Green Solidarity Fund of 3% of world GDP to immediately end world hunger and global warming. Committing $500 billion per year to end hunger, pandemics, and extreme poverty worldwide… No more mass murder through starvation and preventable disease! Enough of massive criminality due to the indifference and omission of the rest of the world population! It is time to react and give a definitive solution to this preventable tragedy.


For more than a decade we have been requesting that the governments of the world, under the coordination of the United Nations, apply a Solidarity Green Fund of 2 to 3% of world GDP.to the annual one to end the triple scourge of hunger, extreme poverty and global warming.

They turn a deaf ear and don’t want to. From the UNEP in the United Nations, as of 2010 they also advise allocating a minimum of 2% to the green economy. We increase it to 3% to also end hunger and extreme poverty worldwide and not just stop global warming. The priority is triple, the humanitarian and ecosystem crisis is triple.

The asymmetries of our capitalist economic organization system must end. It is not fair, it is not human, it is criminal that there are millions of people starving, dying of hunger, thousands of children dying every day for lack of adequate vaccination, while at the same time millionaires and billionaires coexist who accumulate millions, hundreds and thousands and hundreds of billions of dollars. It is completely immoral, criminal. Because what so much is left over from some, they take away from the weakest who goes hungry and dies of hunger and preventable diseases.

The States of the world, the governments have the maximum responsibility in this matter. The presidents of the 194 sovereign countries recognized by the UN with self-government and complete independence, are directly responsible for not allocating the necessary items, proportional by country at the international level, integrating the fund of 3% of the annual world GDP to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. This omission is criminal. It has the character of crimes against humanity.


For these reasons, I request the Prosecutor of the Court of the International Criminal Court to open the necessary, sufficient and efficient investigation on this matter, establishing the responsibilities of the heads of State of each and every one of the governments of our planet, for leaving starve hundreds of millions of destitute and defenseless people.

We must all defend the right to a dignified life, not accept the death of millions by omission, despising our neighbor and abandoning him to starvation and preventable diseases.

Our planet Earth can be better if we take care of each other with compassion, that we all do well, that the distribution of goods is fair and equitable for all.

We know that it will take time until these criminal acts by omission are made aware of those most responsible, since it is the executive powers of each country that send the budgets for approval in the respective national congresses. We cannot continue to live clinging to islands and fiefdoms with imaginary borders. We are citizens of the world, we must act as such, defend the right to sacred life wherever it is needed. Not to be complicit in the death of millions for the sin of omission.

Millions of people die of hunger and preventable diseases every decade, more than in World War II. Our abandonment of all those in need is worse than Auschwitz. We repeat and overcome the Jewish Holocaust with the world’s starving and suffering every few years… This must end, for God’s sake, for the helpless and for the peace of our own consciences.

It will be Justice!

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