It will be necessary to activate the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment Project (SCoPEx)

It will be necessary to activate the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment Project (SCoPEx)

We must buy “climate time” and avoid, by all means at our disposal, breaking the threshold of 1.5º C that could occur within the next 5 years and present great intercontinental droughts

According to a study by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), it predicts that at least one year of the 2022-27 five-year period, with a probability of 40%, will be the warmest of the century with temperatures between 1.5 and 1.8 degrees Celsius. In other words, it will reach the floor of 1.5 degrees and even exceed it… Our time is up, the situation requires the application of immediate corrective measures under penalty of having to face the worst consequences of accelerating climate change.

It must be taken into account that if a structural intercontinental drought occurs for a year, all the large crops will be lost and, as a result, between 2 and 4 billion human beings will die of hunger, 9 months after this terminal crisis appears and ends. world food reserves.

We must apply all available resources at our disposal to buy additional “climate time”, since sustainable replacement technologies will still take a few years to implement.

Through an alliance of environmental banks, it is feasible to finance the Stratospheric Controlled Disturbance Experiment (SCoPEx) project through green bonds, for no more than 1 to 10 billion dollars a year. The project involves a set of technologies that seek to reflect a small fraction of sunlight back into space or increase the amount of solar radiation that escapes from the atmosphere.

We understand that given the risk of environmental impact, it must be applied gradually, in order to be able to measure possible negative feedback on the environment.

We need to know the degree of progress of the project at Harvard and work cooperatively so that the funds can be made available. Also articulate with the United Nations so that the governments of the planet act as a guarantee to ensure the returns to the credits applied.

My priority concern is the possible activation of the “clathrate gun” at the North Pole. To measure this risk, I have set up the scientific research team of the Gaia Team, so that within a period of 90 days it prepares the report and then the IPCC confirms or refutes it, also within a maximum period of 90 days. We no longer have time to waste. For the Gaia Team a million dollars of financing is required. This scientific report is urgently needed. We are against the clock. A world where more than a hundred million dollars are paid for the purchase of a soccer player and nobody wants to donate a million dollars to save the entire planet is counterintuitive.

We must avoid breaking the threshold of 1.5º C and 2º C. We cannot allow it. For this we can activate the SCoPEx project and apply new climate adaptation adjustment measures, taking zero carbon emissions as a goal for 2030.

Let us work together and in a cooperative and coordinated manner to save 8 billion human beings from the foreseeable tragedy of accelerating global warming. Together everything is possible.

 The worst mistake we are making is believing that we have time to avoid the worst…

Please read the note: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/upcoming-prolonged-drought-could-cause-continental-crop-gomes/?




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